Arloid Automation KNX


KNX (EIB) - the communication bus which is widely used for automation of buildings.
When using the KNX communication channel of operating signals to which all other buses are connected (twisted pairs, RF- channels, electric lines or IP/Ethernet), the connected devices have an opportunity to communicate with each other. Devices of a various functional purpose can be connected to the bus: sensors, the executive mechanisms which necessary to control building systems - lighting, curtains, a jalousie and shutters, safety systems, monitoring systems of power consumption, systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, remote control systems, the measuring equipment, audio and video control systems etc.

Flexibility of the KNX network is based on change and expansion of any functions at any time.
Besides this bus is characterized by high efficiency and exclusive stability to any distortions.

KNX is the open and flexible system thereby it first of all serves interests of users.
Production of KNX realizes under several trademarks. Instabus, ABB, Merten, GIRA, i-Bus, Tebis, Theben are most known.

The KNX trademark is a quality synonym of products. KNX automatic control systems are presented in the market more than 20 years. But even components of the first generation are compatible to modern products thus being in an excellent condition.

Thanks to KNX technology association with a.System it is possible to reach remarkable results in the organization of building automation systems.

Connection example: