Arloid Automation EnOcean

Arloid Automation Eno is the basic configuration of the wireless Smart Home system. Wireless technology does not require additional wiring, and the state of the art EnOcean devices are operated without batteries: the buttons are activated simply by pressure, and the sensors are solar-powered. Arloid Automation Eno kits are easy to install, adjust and scale. You can always connect new devices and control them via an integrated interface.

Main devices of the Arloid Automation Eno kits:

  1. a.Server
  2. USB gateway EnOcean USB300

Depending on the kit, various EnOcean sensors and actuators can be supplied.

  • button switches;
  • temperature sensors;
  • motion sensors;
  • door and window opening sensors;
  • lighting control relay actuators;
  • lighting control dimmers;
  • blinds control actuator;versatile actuator for any electrical equipment

The list of equipment of different brands with EnOcean protocol is available on the website:
The kit may be completed by any number of necessary devices depending on the automation system objectives. You can buy motion, temperature, door opening sensor, IP cameras, SMS gateway and other devices by yourself or we can help you in that.

Connection example: