Arloid Automation System is a special software for building automation and Smart Home system creation. It looks like an add-on for top and main level of control that comprises and manages the devices and equipment connected to the system.


Arloid Automation is an outcome driven building automation solutions provider with a fast, friendly and creative approach that ensures maximum value delivery to every one of our clients. We believe in 100% customer’s satisfaction while catering the custom design needs of our much-valued customers.

Arloid Automation smart home system capability

Full controllability and configuration without need for programming


Scenarios are the force and brain of Arloid Automation system. They perform the control logic for smart home system devices. It is the scenarios that unfold the unparallelled capabilities of building automation.

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Arloid Automation system that supplied with a.Server has three default modes: Day, Night and Economical. The modes are used for organization of equipment control according to set of condition such as time of the day and occupancy.

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Arloid Automation system setting is so easy and the user guide is so clear that the only reason why you might need to contact the installation company would be when your neighbors decide to install a similar Arloid Automation system and ask you for your assistance.

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In the life of any individual, schedules play a very significant role. This is true for anybody - a caring parent, a successful business person... Routine tasks very often distract us from improtant thoughts and activities and frequently imply additional charges.

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Smart Home Platform

  • Arloid Automation System interface is a web-based application, so it is accessed through a Web browser.

  • No need to install software to interact with the system.

  • Arloid Automation System is Cross-Platform, so it can be operated using any desktop computer, laptop, smart phone and tablet with any operating system (Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Linux)

  • Compatibly with any system

  • Detailed WiKi smart home a.System

User Friendly Interface 

a.System will let you easily control your smart home system. No need for programming skills or training. 

100% personalized

Stylish touch pads and scenario control panels will perfectly fit the interior.  Infinite opportunities for personalization of look-and-feel through selection of unique themes and menu structure.