Madagascar Shopping Mall 


About the project

Name: Madagascar Shopping Mall
Location: Cheboksary, Russia

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Madagascar is the region’s biggest shopping mall located in the heart of Cheboksary, Russia and a focal point of all the visitors and locals living in the vicinity. Arloid Automation was assigned the task to implement the automation system in this mall with these controls; Lightening, Energy Efficiency, Climate Control, Curtain Control for central glass at the roof, Security System, Security Barrier Controls, Notification Systems, Lawn Watering Controls, Weather Station, Water Leakage Sensors, Fire Sensors, ArloidActiveScreen, SMS controls and notifications and Multimedia controls.

The mall was built on a huge covered area, handling all the security system including multiple security barriers locate at different entrances, controlling simultaneously all of them at optimal level was a challenge of its kind. Arloid Automation creative system design team once again designed a solution which was equally good, reliable and highly efficient. Team Arloid Automation was able to install the system in this mall which is still in optimal working condition and the mall management is enjoying all the great controls designed by Arloid Automation team. Using Arloid Automation management system they are able to use daylight when required to save energy, they can easily handle and control all the security points and barriers etc. The system can water the lawn only when required. In short the management is really happy using Arloid Automation system and want to implement the same in another mall which is expected to start its operations in the beginning of next year.

Arloid Automation Options

  • Light Control
  • Climate Control
  • Curtain Control
  • Security System
  • Weather Station
  • Water Leakage Sensors
  • Fire Sensors
  • ArloidActiveScreen
  • SMS Control and Notification
  • Multimedia